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New website: GLUTROT becomes TO TORCH A FAKE

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New website: GLUTROT becomes TO TORCH A FAKE

Here it is, my new author’s website! For weeks now we have been eagerly awaiting the moment and opportunity to show it to the world. A big ‘thank you’ goes to my web programmer Guido Unger, who has worked hard on getting the website ready over the last few weeks via his company dev-work color 'n code. I know of no other web programmer who moves so adretly through the depths of programming codes, muttering encouragingly to himself as he goes about his job. We should make a podcast out of all that! Thanks a million, Guido!

GLUTROT becomes TO TORCH A FAKE. Why a new website? The old one was not bad, fair enough. But this one has – besides all the optical benefits – a whole load of new features inside. Our target is to provide a better user experience, so we hope. But the key thing is that the entire website is now multilingual – as you can see for yourself.

And there’s a very good reason for this, since the German classic-car thriller GLUTROT will finally be published in English in the spring of 2021. The translation of this first fuel fiction book is almost finished and its title is TO TORCH A FAKE. Unless you readers of GLUTROT can come up with a better idea… (!) If so, please use the contact button on this website.

Behind the scenes we are working hard on setting up the English section of the website. Some things still need to be translated. And then there’s the question I’m now frequently asked – When will the next installment of the series about the motor journalist Sally Morgan be published? Well, more about that soon…

A word of thanks and appreciation to each and everyone of you who has supported my classic-car thriller project over the past two years without taking a single cent in return (you fools!). THANK YOU SO MUCH, my dear friends!

You will find mention of them in the many links to be found at the bottom of our news items. And now we’re setting off together into the year 2021 – in the truest sense of the word – taking TO TORCH A FAKE to new shores...

Stay safe in this bleak Corona wintertime! And stay healthy!