Fuel Fiction

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for the german edition GLUTROT

For me, Glutrot could have had 150 more pages. I'm looking forward to the next case of motor journalist Sally Morgan!

Iris Rohmann freelance journalist WDR

Wow, devoured within 2 days. Great first thriller from the newcomer author! The story is exciting, the language sophisticated. ... Very, very entertaining. I'm looking forward to the next part.

Louisa Schilling

Exciting novel, which illuminates the dark side of the oldtimer hype but nevertheless highlights the beauty of the hobby. Sympathetic and intelligent leading protagonists portrayed as human and well-described characters. Clear buy and - above all - reading recommendation. Congratulations on your first work - keep it up!

Amazon Customer

To torch a fake

The classic car thriller by Gerhard Johannes Dressen

A Porsche 911 from the 1970s burns out in an accident in Germany’s hilly Eifel region. Although the car is a complete write-off and destined for the scrap heap, a foreign dealer offers an unusually high price for the wreck …

Motor journalist Sally Morgan is hot on the trail of an international criminal network that makes millions of euros out of classic car forgeries. In research efforts travelling throughout the whole of Europe, she and her friends get caught up in the deadly meshes of the Mafia.

Fuel fiction: blood-fuelled crime fiction

These are not your classic, petrol•head stories, which are more like the amusing tall tales told by hunters.
These are classic car crime thrillers driven by bloody violence – fiction with truth at their core. There is love, life, and laughter – and murder for base motives.
And every screw has its proper place – at least in the classic cars described.

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